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Embajada de Costa Rica en Kenia
Embajada de Costa Rica en Kenia
A partir del 1 de marzo, la persona usuaria que tramite un pasaporte en un consulado de Costa Rica, antes de ir a la cita para gestionar su pasaporte, deberá presentar el pago efectuado en la plataforma creada para este efecto, para que la persona que atienda incluya escaneado el pago y quede registrado en el expediente digital.
No omitimos manifestarle que, con la nueva plataforma de pago de envíos de pasaporte, a la cuenta de CCR, se eliminan los pagos de grupos familiares, por lo que toda persona que gestione un pasaporte deberá cancelarlo individualmente .
Embajada de Costa Rica en Kenia
Embajada de Costa Rica en Kenia
Ambassador Giovanna Valverde Stark visited the VINTZ recycled plastics processing factory on 12th January, 2023. Mr. Mavji Varsani, Manager at the factory informed that they specialize in search for solutions to the recycling of single-use plastics both in Kenya and in the East African region, looking for alternatives for the accessible construction of houses for low-income populations, with the advantage of being able to move them from one place to another.

Mr. Varsani noted that the current recycling capacity is half a ton per day and has been gradually expanded in 2018 to 7-8 tons per day. In 2019, it scaled to 35 tons of different polymers per day. Circularity is essential and they try to recover as much as possible. They target the raw material and work with communities to process it. Currently, they have 2,000 recyclers and 170 Collection Centers in four counties Nairobi, Mombasa Nakuru and Mombasa. They want to improve how plastic is recovered and reused and that there is a commercial interest but also a personal interest in using single-use plastics for recycle and convert into housing. Currently, 30-35 percent of plastic can be used as cement.

The company does some research to determine how many toxins have been removed and they do sustainably remove the toxicity, but the residue can come out. Usually, a 1% polymer per ton is added to homogenize the plastic. Plastic has different levels in the way it is put together, so with all processes it has to be mixed, homogenized and then fused together.

Ambassador Valverde inquired on the the risk to the health of the people who lived in the recycled plastic houses and how they could verify the materials would not impact people. Mr. Varsani informed that when it is highly toxic it can be used outdoors but for a house it must be made from a material derived from petroleum. It was indicated that CO2 equivalent emissions are currently harmful but that they were trying to reduce them. They noted that the regulations for recycling in Kenya remain strict, but at least they know that it can be packaged and the cost of energy is acceptable.

The factory is looking for concessions, health, better structured operations and improving the country level. They are still doing the prototype of affordable housing. The design is Lego-like. Debris is generally created in areas of high density. They have the ability to shape and present products according to the needs. The average cost is 6000-7000 USD for a house.
Embajada de Costa Rica en Kenia
Embajada de Costa Rica en Kenia
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